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Driving Report Ford E-Transit: This is what an electric truck can do

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Well-known working shaft Ford Transit can now deliver its deliveries to customers with zero emissions — even more than most of its competitors.

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The battery-powered Ford Transit at the start of the road.

(Photo: Ford)

The modern Mustang Mach-E is more an SUV than a sports car. Now the box-shaped bestseller should prove that Ford can do something else electric. The Transit commercial vehicle has long been a part of the street scene in European cities and is used primarily for short distances, and is therefore particularly suitable for an electric motor under the short front hood. With a power of 135 kW / 184 hp or 198 kW / 269 hp and a range of just over 300 km with a 68 kWh battery, the E-Transit outperforms almost all of its leading competitors.

The Mercedes E-Sprinter, VW E-Crafter or Renault E-Master electric car with significantly weaker engines covers only 160 or 170 kilometers before it is connected again. When it comes to range, the classic is also ahead of the previous Primus Peugeot E-Boxer, but must admit defeat in the most powerful version of the Fiat Ducato; He drives up to 370 kilometers.

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While engine performance is of secondary importance, range plays an important role in a company’s purchasing decision. For businesses or the individual craftsman, it is a question of whether transit can do its day job without spending hours instead of on the street at the charging station. Charged overnight, the rolling work tool is convenient again the next morning.

Rotary switch instead of gearbox selector lever

The Trials are fully loaded for the start of the first round of Barcelona. The electric singing reaches the ear due to the commercial car’s slightly thinner insulation compared to the compact car. But the atmosphere has nothing to do with the previous sobriety. An enlarged central screen in tablet format provides a good navigation picture with all kinds of additional information.

Instead of a selector lever for automatic mode, three easily accessible rotary switch positions are sufficient for commands forward, backward or in the off position with the handbrake on. A small additional button regulates the intensity of recovery. On its strongest stage, the brake pedal pretty much served its purpose, with a little practice the transit stops neatly at a red traffic light.

Thanks to the new sensor technology, Fiat Ducato offers outstanding assistance systems that effectively prevent accidents.

Assistance systems are rarely booked

As in ordinary passenger cars, there are various assistance systems on board, which unfortunately until now has led to a mysterious presence in trucks such as Transit. Although it is in the price list, it is rarely asked by an entrepreneur. There is simply no money to be made with Emergency Brake Assist that recognizes pedestrians or cyclists and automatically brakes if the worst of the worst happens.

The same applies to distance radar, lane departure warning, or a digital camera’s bird’s-eye view of the small, impenetrable rear section of the eye. In the case of Transit, at least some functions, such as the aforementioned brake assist, are standard on the cheaper versions. Just not in the basic version.

For entrepreneurs or fleet managers with zeitgeist ambitions, electronic transportation isn’t a good option just because of its drive. Because matching the start of Vice Ford begins a new division of the American company and its European subsidiaries. It is called “Ford Pro”. It wants to take care of everything related to commercial vehicles: from financing, shipping and necessary technology to communication with special software that can, for example, anticipate impending breakdowns, remind you of maintenance intervals or organize service and repairs if necessary.

Ford plans four new electric trucks

In an all-round carefree package style, the customer must also be tied up close to the company, and of course back in front of the dealer’s door the next time you buy a new car. This should also increase sales of other electric vehicles among commercial vehicles.

Plant manager Betty Cherian-Udo (right) and project manager Gisbert Klein examine a smart lighting system in a pre-chain build.

Four new strummers are coming in the next two years. In 2023, these one-ton models will include the Ford Transit Custom freight and people, jointly developed with VW based on the T 7. In 2024, new siblings to VW Caddy, called Ford Transit Connect and Tourneo Connect, will follow.

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