Dry automobile wash: that is the way it’s accomplished!

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Every car is happy with a wash. This is how the paint really shines. But nevertheless, there is something to consider here. Full wash with buckets, cleaning foam and a well known high pressure cleaner. Like this laundry but Not allowed everywhereBecause you are local. Otherwise, the cleaning water threatens to pollute the environment with its chemicals. At home, full washing is not allowed at all. Then how about it dry wash?

Advantages and disadvantages

The dry wash It offers you many advantages. On the one hand, there is a need microfiber fabrics and the dry cleaner It is easy to store in the trunk of the car and therefore easy to transport, on the other hand, the washing comes complete without water out of place. So waste water is produced not. And while there are very few benefits to dry washing, prevail In our opinion that The flaws are clearly visible. Because it allows dry washing without water Dirt particles are carried out not completely removed.

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Pre-cleaning, for example with a high-pressure cleaner, ensures that coarse dirt is removed Remove them without rubbing the paint. This important step is completely omitted with dry cleaning. This increases the risk of scratches in the paint, as the dirt is rubbed off with sandpaper. The general rule, the less water, the less cleaning, applies here anyway. And it definitely takes a lot of microfiber towels if you really want to clean the entire car that way. Dry car wash is also It takes longer!

An alternative, but not the only alternative!

So dry car wash Enjoy with caution. Particularly large dirt particles can severely scratch the paintwork and have the exact opposite effect. After all, you want to clean your car to enjoy its beauty and not harm that beauty. So is dry cleaning an option for a heavily soiled car? No definitely not! Stubborn, coarse dirt may scratch the paint if it is washed and dried with detergent and shampoo.

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But when do you use this method? Dry washing is especially suitable for thin layers of dustwhich is resting without large particles, i.e. in very light pollution. In this case, a dry wash can be done. In this case, it can be a complement to the classic full-fledged washing, but it cannot be completely a sole substitute. Especially when the car is already dirty with mud, snow, salt residue, etc., dry washing can only be a supplement to a complete washing, but not a substitute for it.

Application and materials needed

For a dry wash you need a corresponding side dry cleaner High quality microfiber fabrics. As mentioned above, the laundry goes dry completely without water Act. But how do you actually use dry cleaning? It’s easy to explain. At first you spray with shampoo spray All generously desired areas. For example the hood, the front half of the roof or the doors. Spray vigorously on anything that needs cleaning. Then fold the microfiber cloth in half and in a straight line Pull the shampoo off the car. circle or swipe back and forth, completely avoid. This is because there is a risk of small scratches in the paint even when dust is present. When you wipe off shampoo and dirt in one go (For example from the far right to the far left), this should be visible on the canvas. This is why not one cloth should be used for the entire car. After one lane, please fold the cloth again. One clean sheet It should now be used for the next train. Otherwise, dirt from the previous lane will rub against the car, and there is also a risk of scratches here. So you only use one side of the cloth once.

Brief tips and information:

  • You may be wondering if you can simply use traditional microfiber cloths (microfiber household cloths) from the living room for cleaning? We can definitely say, unfortunately no. Because these should be suitable for clear coating. Best results are achieved by dry cleaning using high quality automotive microfiber cloths. This protects your car And Paint it!
  • Dry washing is cleaning the outside of the car without water, but with a suitable joint (which has sliding properties) and microfiber fabrics.
  • Cleaning sprays are available from many manufacturers.
  • Always use with plenty of detailing fluid and only with long microfiber fabrics.
  • Do not use if there is a lot of dirt (if possible only with pollen, bee droppings, and loose dirt).
  • If possible, do not perform wet staining.
  • Detailing sprays should not be diluted.
  • Advantages of the waterless washing method:
    – time saving
    – Water supply
    – Applicable everywhere
  • Disadvantages of the washing method without water:
    – Requires a lot of towels
    – Higher risk of scratches from washing with buckets
    Not recommended if heavily soiled

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