Cleansing tinted automobile home windows? That is the way it’s accomplished!

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Tinted windows keep the car interior cool, create a cool look and protect privacy as well. But how can car windows with window film Best for cleaning, without damaging the foil? Fortunately, there are ammonia-free cleaners that you can use to wipe your windows with confidence. So it looks like new again after cleaning!

Which detergent is suitable?

You can even do your own thing Special Cleaner With Baby shower gel And alcohol wipe Produce. To do this, rinse an empty spray bottle to remove any dust or chemical residue. Then fill the container with 2 tablespoons rubbing alcohol and a small amount Baby shower gel. Fill in now distilled water Screw the cap on and mix the ingredients well by shaking the bottle. Alcohol does not contain only one cleansing effect on the surface of the colored film, but also accelerates the streak-free evaporation of the detergent. Alcohol can also remove grease and oils, such as fingerprints, from panels.

  • different possibility: Mix the solution with an equal amount White wine vinegar and water. Fill a 500ml spray bottle water and 500 ml white wine vinegar Stir the mixture a little until the mixture is easy and inexpensive antiseptic To be manufactured. White vinegar is a natural cleaning agent that also fights odors.
  • waiver on cleaning agents that contain ammonia, as this will damage the foil break up or fade away He could. Don’t buy glass cleaner with labels that say it contains ammonia. You can find suitable detergents in equipment store or in car shop.
  • attention: Test the household cleaner first on a small area, such as a rear window, before spraying large areas and then wiping it down with a microfiber cloth. If you notice discoloration or streaks, do not continue to treat remaining windows with cleaner. make sure with every cleanser In small places so as not to spoil the tint of the window. If homemade cleaner is not suitable, get it Ammonia-free glass cleaner From a hardware store or from a car dealer.

Wipe car windows

Find a parking space in the shadeBecause the sun can dry out detergents very quickly. As a result, the residues precipitate and streaks form. A shady spot such as a garage, parking garage or parking under a canopy is perfect for worry-free window cleaning. A tree can also be an option. But you have to be careful that there are no sticky leaves flaking or dripping off the resin which will further pollute your car.

  • clean first rest of the car And finally the discs. If you accidentally spread dirt on the windows in an additional path of the cleaning process, you will have to start over. So clean your car well before handling the windows and tinting the windows.

Penalty car wash at home and car care

  • slow Some detergent on a microfiber cloth By spraying once or twice and using it to wipe windows inside and out. Make sure to leave as few lines as possible. Very complex stains, such as a shriveled insect, can only be removed if you use a detergent a few minutes Let’s take it into action. When doing this, you must ensure that the edges of the color film Don’t get wet too much. Detergent allowed Don’t get under the foilas this may lead to a loss of adhesive strength and can then fall out of the window Solve. Microfiber cloth prevents accidental scratching of windows. If you do not have such a cloth, you can use a clean cloth cotton use.

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  • Wipe the cleaner directly with a microfiber cloth After spraying from top to bottom or slowly from left to right. In any case, the cleaner should not simply dry out, otherwise ugly streaks will form on the surface of the window. You may want to scan the inside in a different direction than the outside. If the outer window vertical Processed, you should inside accidental Make moves. This will make it easier for you later to check if there are still streaks on the inside or outside.

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  • In the next step, all windows are marked with one A dry microfiber cloth Treat. With another microfiber cloth you can get rid of it all detergent residue from disk. Take this second towel merely To dry, do not use to wipe dirt. This ensures that the panels remain clean and that no scratches occur. It is absolutely taboo to simply use tablets Tissue paper Let it dry, as it is very exposed and can quickly scratch windows or paint.

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  • If bubbles form in the window shade, you can use a credit card or something similar to smooth them out. Wipe any air pockets under the film by wrapping the credit card in a microfiber cloth. Then move the card to the edge of the foil to allow air to escape and smooth the surface of the foil careful. A special squeegee may also be useful for smoothing out wrinkles and bubbles. If there are a lot of air pockets, a professional may have to work and re-glue the film.

advice: If the stained film can no longer be fixed, or you no longer like it, it must be removed. Exactly how this works can be found in our article “How to remove window film!”.

E1646223924472 Dye Film Removal Instructions

Tips for cleaning tinted car windows! • If the color film is severely scratched or blistered, it must be replaced It can be replaced or removed. • If your household water is very hard, you should choose distilled water for your detergent. • Ammonia cleaners whiten and discolor the window. • Check the cleaner’s label before using it on window tint. • Do not touch the edges of the foil, because if water or glass cleaner is spilled under it, the foil can separate and deform. • Do not use rough materials such as paper towels, newspaper or washing sponges when cleaning, as they can damage the film.

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