Change hub caps with out disassembling the edges?

axle cover 4 . adjusting rim cover

Is it possible to change the hub caps (rim covers) without Having to remove rims/wheels? This is definitely a question that doesn’t necessarily get asked often. However, it is not completely unjustified. For example, if you are a BMW driver and would like to replace your existing wheel hub caps with the fixed variant from BMW Accessories. And there is no such tuning option with the brand only BMWbut also in the BMW subsidiary Rolls-Royce And also Volkswagen Has the option in the range. Many third party providers also have corresponding universal accessories available for other car manufacturers. But what if you want to prevent hub caps? Do you really have to remove the wheel and remove the cap from the back through the rim and do this four times? no! There is a trick (See the video below).

Changing axle caps without removing the rims

Changing the axle cover field cover without disassembling the flange 2

Hard to believe, but if you do it with a file cup sucker Try, then the cover can be pulled out without any problems in most cases. At least when the surface of the cap is smooth. And you may already have such a rubber band in your car. For example in the form of a holder for a mobile phone or a holder for a portable navigation device. Also, the suction cup can be used by a household tool such as a Cleaning Brush Job. This may be possible with an old children’s toothbrush. These often also have a small suction cup on their end so that you can “mount” them to the sink.

Masking tape can work too!

Axle cover field cover change without disassembling the rims 1

Alternatively, you can do it with Sticky tape trying. Either double-sided tape or folded tape Sticky tape. Our short video shows you exactly how this works. And one last option is hot glue from one hot glue gun. Simply stick the screw head screw to the hub cap, let it cool and pull the cap out with a jerk. Once the adhesive has cooled completely, it can usually be removed from the hub cap completely without leaving any residue. In any case, these methods are worth a first try before you get into the grueling disassembly of the bike. release By the way, you should look for sharp objects and somehow try to get the axle cover out. This only leaves unsightly scratches on the rim and also scratches the old hub caps. Not to mention the risk of injury.

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Of course that was far from that!

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