Beautiful white diamond “The Rock” for public sale

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The huge white diamond “The Rock” is sold at auction

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Here, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Geneva, the white diamond “The Rock” will soon be presented.

Diamonds are so beautiful and so expensive that they leave us speechless on the verge of auctioning. And another copy should find a new owner.

Special gem under the hammer: the white diamond “The Rock”. But only the lowest can participate in the auction. Because its value ranges between 20 and 30 million dollars. But fortunately, you can take a look at this distinctive stone and enjoy being amazed – at least on the Internet.

HUGE WHITE DIAMOND FOR SALE – Christie’s has never seen such a sale before

Never before has a larger white diamond been auctioned at Christie’s traditional auction house than it will be with The Rock. Christie’s has been around for 256 years. Maybe it means something, because the stone with the name, which reminds ordinary people more of actor Dwayne Douglas Johnson, must be something really special. And he really is. It weighs 228 carats and looks like a drop or, you might say, a pear. The exquisite piece was disassembled and polished over 20 years ago in South Africa.

Yellow diamonds are also sold

The exciting auction will be held on May 11 in Geneva at the Four Seasons Hotel. And if you are not lucky enough to get that special piece of jewellery, you can simply try out other great diamonds, which are also on sale. It is also 200 carats and comes from South Africa (1901), but it is yellow, and this is the third time it has been sold. It is called the “Red Cross” diamond. It is estimated to be a little cheaper. It should bring in between seven and ten million dollars. A portion of this was donated to the International Red Cross.



Very impressive what will change the owner soon. You may also like to have this beautiful diamond. But do you tear yourself away from these two curious shows? The first text message was auctioned for €107 thousand and a JPEG image sold for €58 million.

While some buy diamonds for up to $30 million, many others have to make sure they keep their money together for the current times. Are you affected too? Then here’s a tip: when shopping, it is better to memorize what is suggested in the video:

And you can find more savings tips – also for other life situations – on our topic page.

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