BASF opens its new laboratory constructing in Münster

Chemical plant manufacturer CAC received a major order from French PVC manufacturer Kem One for the construction of a chlor-alkali electrolysis plant. It is the largest order in the history of the plant manufacturer from Chemnitz. More about the project. (Photo: Kak)


The chemical group Solvay wants to increase its production capacity of PVDF plastic by 300 million euros. This project will also go to France. More about the project. (Photo: Patrick B. Ballig –


Lanxess and Siemens have signed a contract to purchase technical goods for the specialty chemicals group’s global production facilities. Siemens will not only supply Lanxess with process control technology systems and software, but also electrical and fire alarm and control technology, among other things. More about the project. (Photo: Lanxess)

Chemical Park Marl

Chemical companies Ineos and Evonik have laid a new long-distance pipeline for Alkomen. It stretches for more than 12 km from the chemical park of Marl to Gladbeck, where the intermediate product is processed into phenol and acetone. More about the project. (Photo: Marl Chemical Park)

bio methane plant

French plant engineering firm and industrial gas producer Air Liquid wants to build the world’s largest bio-methane production plant in Rockford, Illinois. But the project is not the only one of its kind in the United States. More about the project. (Photo: Berthold Werkmann,

chemical plant

Bilfinger Industrial Services and clean tech company Rock Tech Lithium have signed a letter of intent to partner with EPCM (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management). The agreement relates to the construction of the first lithium hydroxide converter in Europe. More about the project. (Photo: Bellfinger)

Factory building

Engineering service provider Triplan received a major request for planning a multi-product active ingredient plant. It is about building an 8-storey factory in Westphalia. More about the project. (Photo: Treplan)


Industrial gases group Linde has signed a long-term contract with BASF for the supply of hydrogen and steam. To this end, the company intends to double its production capacity in Chalambe, France. More about the project. (Photo: thomaseder –

BASF Verbund موقع website

A new production plant for the intermediate product 2-mercaptoethanol (2-ME) has started regular operation at the BASF chemical group in Ludwigshafen. Replaces an old system in the same location. More about the project. (Photo: BASF)

Hamburg port.

US industrial gases manufacturer Air Products and the Port of Hamburg have signed a letter of intent to establish a hydrogen value chain in the Port of Hamburg. First, potential supply chains must be explored. More about the project. (Photo: Hamburg Port Authority / Martin Elsen)

Factory Hall

As part of its Grow & Deliver strategy, paint and varnish manufacturer Akzonobel has announced that it will invest in expanding its resin production to be less vulnerable to supply chain disruption. More about the project. (Photo: Akzonobel)

plastic recycling

The plant manufacturer Technip and the American chemical company Encina, specializing in recycling operations, want to jointly develop a commercial plant for chemical recycling of plastic waste. More about the project. (Photo: 831days small

Proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysis

Hydrogen electrolysis company H-Tec Systems will supply the green hydrogen PEM electrolyzer for Energie Steiermark’s “Renewable Gas Field” research project. The plant completes biogas production there. More about the project. (Photo: H-Tec Systems)

polymer factories

Thyssenkrupp subsidiary Uhde Inventa-Fischer (UIF) has received an order from Sasa Polyester Sanayi to build three new polymer plants in Adana, Turkey. PET products must be equipped with the latest technology. More about the project. (Photo: thyssenkrupp)

Construction of Chemnitz chemical plant

Chemieanlagenbau Chemnitz (CAC) completed an iron (III) chloride plant using its own technology at the end of 2021. An operator in Kuwait uses it to produce a salable product for water treatment, among other things. More about the project. (Photo: Chemnitz Chemical Factory Building)

chemical plant

Chancellor Olaf Schultz has halted the approval process for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline on the Baltic Sea for the time being. The reason is the illegal steps taken by Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Ukraine conflict. More on that in the news. (Photo: Andrei Merkulov – Fotolia)

engineering summit

The theme of the upcoming Engineering Summit, to be held in Darmstadt from 21-22 July 2022, is how decarbonization and the trend towards sustainability will transform European factory building. Under the motto “Welcome to the new realities of plant engineering”, European plant engineering managers will discuss current developments in the industry. More information.

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