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If the car becomes old, it can be noticed quickly. The black plastic inside is no longer really black, but rather a milky gray. Constant exposure to the sun and daily use will cause the plastic to fade over the years. In the following article, we explain how plastic surfaces in a car have become really black again. Generally clean plastic surfaces first! first surfaces cleaning Then the plastic can be updated. This is recommended Multi-Purpose Interior Cleaner. The cleaning agent is sprayed onto a microfiber cloth. It should be sprayed on the cloth and not directly on the dashboard if possible, so that the cleaning agent does not reach the adjacent non-plastic parts.

Renew the plastic in the car interior.

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With clean plastic surfaces, a perfect foundation for plastic care It can be used optimally. Various care products for plastics are not only intended for cleaning, but also to restore the original color of the plastic and protect the plastic from weathering. Care can be used in the same way as an all-purpose cleaner. very simple. Simply put a piece of cloth and spread it over the plastic surfaces. Usually there are hardly any differences. Here, however, must come caution Work on it so that the agent only touches the plastic and other uncolored parts. After all, you don’t want any color change in other areas. The effect of plastic care can be seen immediately during use. If there is still residue after treatment, it is simply removed with a microfiber cloth polished away.


  • There is another way to recycle plastic. So will heat gun used. The heat will melt the plastic surface slightly. When it cools down again, it becomes new black. However, this highly effective method should be used with extreme caution. You can seriously burn yourself on the one hand with a hot air gun, and on the other you do something wrong, and then the plastic will completely melt and permanently damage the surface. So better plastic care use.

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Summarize all information.

Hand wear, as well as fingerprints and dust, affect the plastic. To do this, plastic is used with heat in the car and direct sun exposure to fight. The result is that the protective layer of the plastic peels off more and more. The surface of the plastic begins to shine, looks greasy and loses its color. At worst, until you arise stress cracks. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to take full care of the internal plastic parts. Required products are listed and there are helpful tips to make care easier.

Step by step instructions:

  • Step: Prepare the car
    The area to be treated should not be heated by the sun.
    It is ideal when the car is in the shade and the interior is well ventilated.
  • Step: Apply the cleaning and care product
    Apply an appropriate cockpit cleaner (eg Matt Effect) to a microfiber cloth.
    Spread evenly over plastic and allow to dry.
  • Step: polishing
    Polish up any remaining residue. With a clean microfiber cloth.
    – Quickly remove all residues especially with adjacent materials.

Do not use household cleaners!

Household detergents should be used when cleaning the interior of the car can be waived. They are often strong alkaline or acid Hence too aggressive for the plastics in the car. Plastic can become brittle, form cracks, or even burst. Only special cleaners should be used, such as vehicle cleaners or car care products. These agents are specific to the plastics in the car and adapted to their challenges.

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