An exhibition of the work of Manfred Fuchs beginning this Saturday on the Princeshaus Gallery in Mannheim

The numerous colors that seem to literally explode, that sparkle intensely, and so friendly, in red, orange, yellow and blue, instantly reveal their own radiance. They change the room, but also the people, because they also shine, they are enthusiastic, friendly and in a good mood.

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Charity Auction: These works by Manfred Fox can be purchased

Pictures in gallery

“Strong, positive, great,” Thomas Mock enthuses as soon as he sees the pictures. “Brilliant, perfect, inspiring,” she praises art collector Marie-Louise Brun, and is amazed “how it has evolved,” she has known Manfred Fox for decades. Manfred Vath, director of Mannheim Kunsthalle until 2003, finds it “impressive how artistically it has developed”. He rated the pictures as “remarkable and impressive”, while his son, gallery owner, Sebastian Fath, “admired the sheer power of the works”. “I always wonder how he finds time to paint along with everything he does as an entrepreneur and more,” says Vath.

Business hours and occasions

  • during the exhibition, Gallery Prince House at H 7, 1, (Old Savings Bank) is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 am to 6 pm.
  • Saturday 7 May: vernissage From 11 am to 5 pm.
  • Thursday 19 May: auction By 18 o’clock.
  • Friday, May 20: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Saturdays May 21, June 11 and June 25: 11am-6pm.
  • The last day of the exhibition with its conclusion On June 30.

Florian Kranfuss, Chairman of the Board of Directors of HAAS Mediengruppe, who, as head of the aid organization “Mannheimer Morgen”, welcomes the first guests to the exhibition entitled “Light – Color – Experiences”, and provides an answer to this. It is simply due to the special personality of Manfred Fox and his outstanding commitment to far beyond his company, Fox Petroleum AG. Kranfuss said Fox was a businessman who made “civic engagement” his life’s work, in honor of an honorary citizen of Mannheim who “served in the truest sense of the term” for the city’s community. “It’s a godsend for this city and we are all delighted with this wonderful art,” says Kranfoss. The head of the HAAS Media Group said civic engagement is “the glue that holds society together, especially in times when the world seems to be collapsing”.


Works by Manfred Fuchs at Prince House Gallery – preview impressions

Pictures in gallery

He salutes their advisory board chairwoman Sonia Budd and her husband, former managing director Michael Budd, and reminds them that Mannheimer Morgen founded The Help Society more than 60 years ago to help “the vulnerable in our society, especially children in poverty support and people living in poverty in old age.” But because, he says, “the world seems to be falling apart,” the number of people needing help is growing exponentially, while “we want to help” aren’t getting income from benefit events canceled due to the corona pandemic, like Blumepeterfest.

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The elixir of life and passion

Kranfuss explains, explaining why Mannheimer Morgen has always taken help from “we want to help” with discretion. However, “the need is checked by us on a case-by-case basis”, and donations are only “passed directly to those in need without deductions,” Kranfuss asserts. This is exactly what convinced Manfred Fox. “Great and impressive” is the concept of targeted assistance, “without going through another organization and one way or another,” Fox justifies his commitment to “We Want to Help” in Salute. This reminds Johann Schulz-Sobes, managing director of Prince House Gallery, in a sentence written by philosopher Peter Sloterdijk. It’s now “the hour to mobilize humanity’s reserves” – and Fox’s commitment is a prime example of this.

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In addition to the artist’s paintings and collages made from old torn posters, the gallery in Mannheim’s most unusual exhibition space, the old safe of a former savings bank branch, displays studies and drawings that give insight into the artist’s working methods. Schulz-Sobez Fuchs thanks Fuchs for the trust and good cooperation, but also “MM” Editor-in-Chief Carsten Kamholz as the gallery’s idea generator and Yvonne Wenzel, Managing Director of HAAS Media, for the very good support.

Art historian Christina Hogg talks about “a wonderful work and exhibition,” then introduces guests to the work and methods of Manfred Fox. Manfred Fuchs has been dealing with art from a young age and has found the elixir of life and his passion in it. “He conveys his joy of dealing with art to the buyers,” she asserts.

“Buy one or two of these wonderful works. Participate in the auction on May 19 and try to help and make an important contribution to the community of our city in every sense of the word,” Florian Kranfoss pleaded with the guests – and with success. The woman even hangs a photo and wants to take it with her right away, but all work remains on hold until June 30.

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