A motorcyclist was severely injured between Leipheim and Cruz Elchengen

For rescue procedures and cleaning work, the A8 had to be completely closed for about an hour this morning, 9 May 2022, in the direction of Stuttgart, shortly after Leipheim.
At about 9:20 a.m., an accident occurred between a motorcycle and a pickup truck on Interstate 8, between the Leipheim and Elchinger Kreuz intersection. Rescue helicopter Christoph 40 from Augsburg has landed on the highway.

The 50-year-old motorcyclist was heading towards Stuttgart and, after overtaking, was back in the middle of the three lanes. A little ahead of him, in the right lane, was a pickup truck. The 37-year-old driver of the “3.5-ton truck” turned to the middle track without paying attention to the motorcyclist. Despite emergency braking, the motorcyclist could no longer avoid a rear-end collision and fell onto the road. After about 50 meters, the driver threw himself off the highway to the right into the green belt. The motorcycle skidded another 200 meters before settling into the left lane.

Passengers of one of the following German army vehicles were able to observe the accident and provide first aid. A rescue helicopter went to the scene of the accident to treat the injured. The 50-year-old was seriously injured when an ambulance, accompanied by an emergency doctor, was transported to a rescue helicopter to a hospital in Ulm. The helicopter landed there to pick up the emergency doctor for the return trip. The wrecked motorcycle was loaded onto a tow truck.

In addition to the rescue service, the Leipheim Volunteer Fire Brigade was working, taking care of the scene of the accident, closing the lane in the direction of the road, providing first aid to the injured until the arrival of the rescue service, and taking care of the oil spilled from the motorcycle. The Pansovia motorway operator was also at the scene. The backlog reached Bubesheim due to a complete shutdown that lasted about an hour.

The Gunsburg Highway Police reported that property damage was around 6,000 euros.

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